Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Well hello there, Stranger!!!!  I might be the worst blogger out there!  I think my last blog was months ago!  But no fear, I am here now!  Today it is hot, hot, hot here in South Texas.  I mean really hot!!!  The heat index is 108 degrees and it is 630pm!!!  School for me and my little guy is out for summer and we couldn't be happier!!!!  Recently I asked him what was on the agenda for the summer and this rug rat rattled off 1,001 things he wanted to do!  So, we made a bucket list!  His very own "5 1/2" year old's Bucket List!  We sat down one morning and came up with the top contenders for summer plans.  Below is our final product.  How impressed are you that I even cut out it into a bucket shape...yes it's a bucket!  I recommend doing a list with your little ones this summer.  It's not too late!  He loves being able to check off his accomplishments.  Our "bucket" is posted on the fridge.  So, we can't miss it!

Since it is so hot, I am trying to not use the oven as much as normal.  I'm mean for crying out loud that little sucker turns this house into an inferno!  So, with that said, cold meals are the way to go this summer.  Salads are great for the summer time.  One of our faves is the cucumber, tomato, onion salad.  I wish I had a pic, but we devoured it before I could grab a camera!  So, use your imagination!!! 
Cucumber Tomato Onion Salad
Get an 8x8 dish

Slice the cukes, tomatoes and onions the same thickness
Layer them in your dish
Pour Italian dressing over
Refrigerate for a couple hours

This salad is great for summer cookouts or potlucks.  It will hold up well to heat! I will come back and add a picture when I make it again...probably sometime this weekend! ;)

I guess I need to go.  My sidekick is awfully quiet!  Until next time!!!!

UPDATE:  The heat index is 112 degrees here this afternoon.  So, this salad is back on the menu!!!  I promised I'd get you a pic.  So, here it is!  Enjoy and stay cool!!

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